Time and Self are like, sooo hard to separate.

We have an old analogue clock that has hung on our kitchen wall for a few years now.  It has never kept accurate time and tends to always be slower than it's digital campadres.

Recently the clock has begun to slow down on it's own, while it's digital brothers seem to get faster and faster every day.  And I wonder if perhaps, the little analogue clock is actually keeping the correct time, while the others tick away at an ever increasing rate in a dance to some experiment I am simply not in on.

If I choose to follow the slow clock, I gain more time each day, but if I follow the normal ones, I will actually be on time with the rest of the world.

Or maybe I can be a little bit of both.

I am always on time, but I also take my time.

I am the fastest person I know at being slow.

There should be calm, and also urgency, and they can coexist perfectly.

You know, if and when they do, but they rarely do for me so I get all jumpy and uncomfortable.

But such is life.

Blog post #2 got a little philisophical.  Here I just wanted to tell stupid jokes lol.

Tot de volgende keer!